Guide to alternative milks

  What’s the best non-dairy for your beverage?

Almond milk: lattes & mochas. This is kinda the most versatile of all the milks, you can steam it or put it on Ice and its great!

Oat milk: hot or iced beverages, thicker texture. Similar to Almond milk this can go well in most drinks. It is incredibly hard to source currently. It rose to popularity in the last year and production has not been able to keep up. It may be one of the best plant based milks to hit the market and if you can find it, TRY IT!

Coconut milk: Iced beverages work best for this alternative. It does have a watery texture so it doesn’t like to steam or foam very well. Make sure to give it a good shake before adding it to you cold beverages.

Soy: Lattes, and foamy drinks. This is the OG plant based milk, good ol’ SOY. It does have a chalky taste to it if you’re not used to it. If you can find the “Barista Series” type , it steams the best and make great additions to cold or hot drinks. You can make great cappuccino foam with soy, but it will get out of control if you foam it too much.

Rice: Additions to drinks, (in place of cream): I wouldn’t recommend the flavor of a rice milk latte or mocha, its texture is probably the thinnest of them all. It makes a great addition in place of creamer in drinks, or in iced drinks. It is nearly impossible to make foam out of rice milk, so don’t expect a great cappuccino or latte out of this plant based milk.

These are just a few of the many Plant-Based milks on the market, they make them from so many different plants, try different ones and see what works for you!