How to add flavor and not sugar to you’re coffee.

With so many natural ingredients that pair well with coffee, why bother with the super sweet artificial flavors? Here’s a breakdown of some of my favorite natural spices that enhance your coffee flavor.

Orange or lemon zest:

Zest a ripe orange or lemon into your coffee or take the peel off and squeeze the oils in.. it’s incredible how much flavor these can add.

Cocoa powder:

Unsweetened cocoa powder can enhance the body of your morning cup. A little goes a long way, but try a light dusting on top.

Fresh ground cinnamon:

Pre-ground cinnamon is ok, but if you get cinnamon sticks and grate it on yourself the flavor is divine.. It’s amazing how different fresh ground and pre ground cinnamon taste.

Star anise:

Not a flavor for everyone, but somehow the black licorice flavor of star anise pairs well with the richness of coffee.. A little bit goes a long way, you can grind it or just let a whole star infuse in your coffee.

Turmeric powder (small amounts):

This amazing spice has really grown in popularity. I like a little in a Latte.. the milk (regular or plant based) gives a nice body to the spice and helps it integrate with coffee.

Vanilla powder:

Vanilla powder adds a brightness to your coffee or latte, and the essence of vanilla is comforting. A good dusting on top of your beverage might trick your brain enough to think you’re having a sugary vanilla latte.

Get creative, and experiment with different spices. Generally speaking the spices used in baking and sweets are going to add the most to your coffee.