How to make a Cucumber Mint Cocktail without bar equipment.

Spring cocktails don’t need a bunch of fancy bar equipment to make, instead construct in a seal able mason jar. You can make them ahead and refrigerate. This is a great way to incorporate fresh produce and herbs into you drinks and get the most flavor out of them.

You’ve seen tools for :                 

Muddling, Shaking, Straining for making cocktails…HOW CAN YOU DO IT ALL IN ONE VESSEL?


YOU DON’T NEED Fancy bareware!—TRY A MASON JAR instead.


-Shaking a cocktail properly incorporates liquids of different viscosity

-It chills the drink

-Shaking dilutes the ingredients to the proper taste

-integrates solid ingredients into the whole drink (herbs or fruit)


Try this Cucumber Mint DRINK Recipe!

This can be a great mocktail, or add any of your favorite clear spirits.

In a pint mason jar COMBINE:

2 oz of clear spirit. If you are not going to use alcohol put a little water in the jar instead.

Peeled sliced cucumber coins 2-3

2 healthy Sprigs Of mint (slap them first to exfoliate the oils)

2 oz of lime juice

2 Lime wedges (squeeze the juice out and drop the wedges in.)

A teaspoon of Monk Fruit or Agave nectar for sweetness.

This makes 1 drink, so multiply the amounts by how many you’d like to make.

Combine ingredients, seal with lid and store in the refrigerator overnight to let all the flavors infuse.

Take pre-infused chilled drink with you to a party or for home, add ice and shake with lid on.

Strain with metal lid slid slightly to the side, into a glass. .use all the liquid in the jar in 1 drink if you made multiple, strain only enough for each drink

TOP with SODA water & SERVE with mint sprig and cucumber coin.